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Inez Brown

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Mz. Inez Brown, creator of Anaise Valcour Designs  believes everyone has their own fashion style and it belongs to them. She has 45 years of experience as a seamstress and designer. It started with her mother's  homemade clothes for the children and a passion from watching her design extraordinary pieces for limited materials. She spent several years in Spain crafting her skills and techniques, while her father served in the military. She uses an old age style and incorporates new trends into the design with custom pattern pieces. This method of design gives her the ability to give her clients a high quality finish or haut'e couture fashion look. This approach to design has been her trademark style and made her one of the go to designers. 


The name  Anaise Valcour pays homage to her grandmother and contributes to her endeavors of becoming a great designer.  She has been living in Tampa, Florida, for the past 10 years and has design for more than 40 events./shows in Tampa, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. She has appeared in Boss Magazine,  Elegant,  SKORCH  and  7ROAR Magazine. 

She also dedicates her time to supporting and participating in health walks which include; 10K Bloomsday Run, 5K American Heart Assoc Heartwalk, 3K Lupus Walk, Cancer Auction and Austin Walk due to her 10 year battle with lupus. 

She is currently working on a commercial location, new community project, and is preparing to produce several new fashion shows.  

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